Jumat, Maret 07, 2008

Cerita Horror

Well, aku kan nggak (terlalu) bisa bahasa inggris. Tapi aku dapet sebuah web dimana kita bisa bikin cerita horor (atau yang lain) dengan cara pilah-pilih dan isi ini itu. Tempatnya dari gURL.com

It's feeling a little chilly in here... Maybe the spirits are awake and roaming? Here's a tale, passed down from generations of Captain Crueltys, which will really keep you on edge...
Hinata was not the most popular girl in town, so it came as a big surprise when Kanata asked her on a date. Besides being cute, Kanata was a staple on the Huntington High football team.
Hinata couldn't understand why he would want to spend a Friday night with her, especially when the school was teeming with girls who would have given their right fingers for a chance with Kanata. A bit hesitant, Hinata accepted and Kanata said he would pick her up at 8 pm that Friday.
Hinata was full of nerves on Friday night. Kanata arrived promptly at 8pm and after meeting Hinata's parents, they both said goodbye and headed to his car."So, where are we headed?" Hinata asked Kanata."We're meeting up with Ami and Brent at Pennhurst Academy."Pennhurst Academy...Hinata had never been there, but everyone KNEW of Pennhurst Academy. It was an abandoned children's hospital and many people believed it was haunted. During the 1930s, a wave of tuberculosis had killed hundreds of children. When Hinata was a child, her father used to tease her, "I'll send you to Pennhurst if you don't behave."
The road leading to Pennhurst was isolated and dark. The trees were thick and tall. They hung over the road like heavy drapes, blocking out any moonlight. Pennhurst was an enormous building built of heavy brick. Two wings extended off the main entrance, and hundreds of windows were falling and skewed on the building's front.
"Are you sure we're allowed to be here?" Hinata said, glancing nervously to Kanata.
"Yeah, it's not a big deal. You're not scared are you?" he asked.
"No. It's fine. I just haven't seen Pennhurst before...," she said, trying to convince herself it was really OK.
All four took their first steps into the abandoned building. The hallway was dark and ancient. As they walked down the corridor, Hinata glanced into the rooms, leading off from the hall.
Old beds with rusty springs, stained curtains and forgotten clothing lay strewn about. The air was thick and smelled like bad breath. "It's ok," she kept telling herself. "They're just rumors." But this didn't calm her nerves.
"We're going to look for the old cafeteria." Brent said. He and Ami took off, flashlight in hand.
"Let's go this way." Kanata motioned to a corridor off to the right.
"Ok..." Hinata agreed shakily. They walked down the corridor and came to a door marked "Basement."
"This is so cool. I'm going to check it out." Kanata reached for the doorknob. By now Hinata was thoroughly freaked out. "I don't think it's such a good idea."
"Well, wait right here. I'll be back in a few minutes." Before Hinata could protest, Kanata disappeared through the door. Hinata began to pace in front of the door. The chilly air was beginning to get to her and she rubbed her arms up and down for warmth. "He'll be back soon," she kept thinking.

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